Single, Released 2021 featuring Pianist  Olec Mün


Composition: Olec Müm & Sergi Boal
Piano: Olec Müm
Guitar: Sergi Boal
Mix and Mastering: Yves Roussel
Lable: Sonder House

Video: Sabrina Macchi

The sun shines too bright to look at it directly. It is only at sunrise or sunset that we are able to observe it with our complete use of the sight. This practice is called Sungazing. It is simple, free and powerful. When we are able to observe the sun we receive energy from its source, like a blessing.

Sun Gaze, released by SonderHouse (USA) is an attempt to bring this moment through music, a way of contemplating the sun within, rising and falling with every breath. Sergi Boal´s guitar and Olec Mün ´s piano create the space for us to contemplate the rising sun.

From the combined talents of Argentinian composer/pianist Olec Mün and composer/guitarist Sergi Boal, ‘Sun Gaze’ is a blissfully meditative composition that takes inspiration directly from nature and from the unique beauty of sunrise and sunset in particular.

“Sun Gaze” goes beyond the measurable and taps into the ancient field of energy and life force. (...) Sergi Boal is a guitarist and composer from Spain. Centering the practice of meditative with spontaneity and energy, the artist continues his journey from mastery of the instrument to further expression of the unmeasurable.