Nylon & Turtle

Album, Released 3rd ofAugust 2012


Composition and guitar: Sergi Boal
Mixed and mastered: JMC studios, Barcelona
Label: Acustronica

Music Video: Vanessa Batista

After watching jazz pianist Brad Mehldau, Sergi Boal, guitarrist and composer had a revelation: the necessity to create his own music. This led him few months later to record “Nylon and Turtle “.


There are 9 songs, most of them recorded in one or two takes, so it’s almost a live recording. It is an organic and intimate album, in which the guitarist tries to make a little travel.


As in “Ice Voice”, where the Nordic influences of Jose Gonzalez can be appreciated, or “Yorke”, where we can hear echoes of Radiohead. Fukushima is a tribute to the victims of the Tsunami in Japan, in where it mixes anger and calm.

“The incident of the Bell” features great technique and sounds with a mixture of pop and grunge music, all with the same nylon guitar.


In “Frontera”, the flamenco sounds are prominent and take us to “Orecchio di Dioniso”.


And then we get carried away to the last song of the album, “Is anybody out there?”, a composition that borrows the title from Pink Floyd, ending with a question.


My ears were literally staggered as soon as I heard the first notes of this disk"

La Grosse Radio Rock

"An album you can taste listening after listening"

NetMusic Life

"An interesting and pleasing album"

iThink magazine