If You Take The World 
released Feb ,2018


Sergi Boal presents a new song, If you take the world (Segell Microscopi 2018). 


If you take the world , is a song that speaks about the possibility of a change of consciousness, of energy, that leads us to new world.
With the voice of Clara Luna, Pianos by Clara Peya and Cellos by Dimitri Dolganov, and with a great production made by Marc Molas, If you take the world tries to show us the individual power to change the restricted ways in which we live.

Music of hope for difficult times…

released July 27, 2015 


The project was supported by the collaboration of music versed and experienced in jazz and classical music Alba Serrano (voice), Pilar Rueda (cello), Gerard Borras (electric guit.), Ramiro Rosa (drums), Brady Lynch (bass), and with the arrangements of Lisa Bause (violin), Marc Mena (trumpet) and with the Recording and Production of Dave Bianchi. 

The First Cd of Wheels Collective, “Liquid” its released by the Label What About Music, 2015. 

“Líquid” have the intention to describe the personal and abstract world of Sergi B, a very visual music, which describe as well the reality of the world, the war cruelty, the Drama of the refugees (Eco Eterno), the velocity of the current times ( Liquid), the hope of a better world ( When the lights are everywhere), love ( Satellite, Lovers), the climatic change ( Fred Roig, In this Cold Place, Faces) 



The Man Without a Hat 
released May 3, 2014 


This work has the intention to be a soundtrack of an imaginary film. 
Initially commissioned for the composition of the short Film Clodette (Imminent Productions), composed for cello and guitar, Sergi Discovered the possibilities of the composition for other instruments. The result: 9 songs, after an intense year of composition during 2013.The songs were recorded in his little Studio in Barcelona, Spain, Nuvol and Sound www.nuvolandsound.com 

Under this name, The Man Without a Hat, Sergi Boal could be able to show a part of his imagination, but you could listen some of the characteristics of his music: travel: the intend to convert the music in a not structured song, some kind of improvisation , and the visual images through the sounds.

all compositions and guitar by Sergi Boal 



released March 6, 2014 


Selected as one of the 13 best albums of the year 2013!! By Net Music Life 

"Cercle" is my most spiritual project. the most introspective. In this little EP the music flows, the themes don't have any concrete structure, and maybe this gives the sensation of a visual dream, the sensation that you are floating, and you could create images, thoughts, sensations.... Not having a concrete structure, there's no beginning, no end ; it's like a circle! 

All the songs were recorded in one or two takes only with a nylon guitar. 
The music was almost improvised, except the theme "NILS" that was a rework of the pianist Nils Frahm, from one song of his album "Screws", trying to "move" the sounds of his personal piano, to the guitar.. 
I recorded this EP with Hector Xiqués ( I/O Estudi de Gravació), and we gave special sounds with some delays, and reverbs. 
This is a joint release with Alchemistica netlabel

Except: Nils ( arrangement on guitar for this composition of Nils Frahm) 

all compositions and guitar by Sergi Boal 



Clodette (Soundtrack) 
released October 21, 2013 


Clodette is the soundtrack for the shortfilm Clodette, not available yet.

The short film is created by Imminent Productions, CLODETTE a film by Jose Pozo & Fabienne Dubois-Ibrouchene.

Genre: Drama / Shortfilm 

Duration: 13 minutes. 

Cast: Mercè Sans, Elisabet Terri, Ingrid Morell. 

Written by: Maria Canabal & Jose Pozo. 

Music by: Sergi boal. 

Sergi Boal: Composer 
Míriam Felix: Cellos, Piano. 
Míriam Felix: Interpretation, Recording,mixing (at Addavia Productions). 


Nylon and Turtle 
released August 3, 2012 


This album was recorded after that, while he was watching jazz pianist Brad Mehldau , Sergi boal, guitarrist and composer, had a revelation: the necessity to create his own music. This necessity led him few months later to record this CD.


There are 9 songs, most of them recorded in one or two takes, so it's almost a live recording. It is an organic and intimate album, in which the guitarist tries to make a little travel. As in Ice Voice, where it can be appreciated the Nordic influences of Jose Gonzalez, or Yorke, where we can hear echoes of Radiohead. Fukushima is a tribute to the victims of the tsunami in Japan, in where it mixes anger and calm; The incident of the Bell features great tecnique and sounds with a mixture of pop and grunge music, all with the same nylon guitar. In Frontera, the flamenco sounds in his fingers, and take us to Orecchio di Dioniso, and then we get carried away through the last song of the album, "Is anybody out there?", a composition that borrows the title from Pink Floyd, ending with a question. This album is the starting point of this guitarrist of Barcelona, who decided one day to make his own music with the guitar. Sit back and listen ... is anybody out there? 

all compositions and guitar by Sergi Boal ​

Silenci released
November 25, 2012 








All compositions by Sergi Boal, except: *Origen: Yannis Papaioannou *After The Rain: Lyrics by Anita Zengeza Sergi Boal: Guitars, oud, lyrics, and composition of all tracks. 


Yannis Papaioannou: Oud (track 1) 

Anita Zengeza: Voice (track 2) 

Marga Mingote: Voice (track 5) 

Jorge Benitez: Trumpet ( tracks 6,7) 

Carles Muñoz: Cello (track 7) 

Sergi Boal: oud (track 10) 

Mixed and mastered at JMC studios, Barcelona, 2012 


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