Trained in classical guitar, Sergi Boal started writing guitar instrumental albums in 2012 quickly developing his personal sound (a mix of Jose Gonzalez and Nick Drake with a touch of Mediterranean flavours).


His musical explorations evolved quickly to other areas, from quirky folk compositions for the guitar to big indie-pop bands like Wheels Collective, including the electronic single “The Man Without A Hat”.


An insatiable collaborator, he has released several records with other respected artists, building his reputation in the industry and a ever-growing fan-base on Spotify.

       Sergi is a curious and original voice with an unusual style, based on endless sonic explorations on his nylon guitar.


Sergi Has a long list of collaborators, great felow musicians and songwriters he joined forces with. Here are just a few:


Olec Mün
Carles Vianes
Clara Peya
Isabel Vinardell
Joana de Diego
Alicia Beltran
Marc Molas
Yves Roussel
Lunng  Fern